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PSBA in Operation

See how public sector organisations in Wales are delivering improved services.  PSN Logoe-Government Winner
Enabling Service Delivery

Welcome to the PSBA

PSBA is the national communications service for Wales.

This ground breaking government communications service has combined the advancements services such as high speed broadband alongside a strategic intent to better connect all geographic regions in Wales to transform the how front line and back office public services are delivered in Wales.

PSBA, founded by the Welsh Government as the PSBA programme, was one of the first and is now the largest multi-sector service of its type in the UK.

Today, tens of thousands of public service workers, in thousands of buildings in of the main public sector organisations in Wales use PSBA for their core communications service needs. Teachers, doctors, students, police officers and workers across all councils and unitary authorities benefit from the vision and delivery a single, secure, integrated communications service for Wales.

This national information & communications platform enables greater efficiency, collaboration and innovation;

  • Service Collaboration – enabling agencies to work together more effectively and efficiently
  • Improved Service Delivery – enabling new ways of working and service deliver models
  • New Citizen Services – streamlining access to public services through cross sector collaboration
  • Procurement Savings – saving time and money to public services buying new communications and ICT services
  • ICT Innovation – providing a platform for ICT innovation such as shared data centre, cloud computing, video conferencing, and application sharing

PSBA is not simply an award winning technical project, it is a vital service to the students, doctors, nurses, teachers, police offers, social workers and charity workers that use the network every day, and to the chief executives and financial directors of those organisations. It is a catalyst for collaboration, for shared back office and front line services, and every day it cuts the cost of communications services, back office ICT systems, and provides increasing opportunities for Welsh public services to work together to improve service delivery and efficiency.

It was designed, built and is managed in Wales, and as well as creating over 40 hi-tech jobs in the country, has become a catalyst for innovation, and has brought Wales access to some of the world’s largest IT technology vendors, who now see Wales as one of the world’s most connected digital nations.

PSBA is the platform for Wales’ wider public service ICT strategy and it has positioned Wales for the future delivery of digital joined up services to the people of Wales.

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